Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier

Great, multi-faceted, overwhelming artist and lover of purism.

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris or 'Le Corbusier' is, for many people, the Picasso of architecture. For us, he is also a reference. His views on lines, space management and his modernist world would mark the route for architecture in the next decades of the 20th century (and, to be honest, he is still a reference in the guild's schools).

“Architecture is a matter of harmony, a pure creation of the spirit”

Since his most vibrant youth, he was a person with a focus on getting to know the world and learning from the best: a restless person with a desire to grow and improve. Perhaps the greatest modern architect, he was also a great classical architect. That game between the avant-garde and the classic resulted in some very interesting ideas. His obsession with the classical world and the reinterpretation of it with modern means weaves a red thread through all his work.

An icon of the round glasses culture

Le Corbusier was not only one of the pioneers of modern architecture, but also of the movement around round glasses. His round glasses are an icon. The gaze was essential for him and, to accompany it, he wore symmetrical, functional, stylish, different and present glasses. Distinctive 'owl' models were custom-made at Bonnet, an elite Parisian eyewear studio that also served the designer Yves Saint Laurent. The simple, round shape shows. They quickly became his distinctive accessory and, from the 1920s, began to inspire people around the world.