First, there was the design. Then, our commitment to live better. Finally, it was the care for the finest detail. When we combined these elements, a concept was born and we named it i'mprove.


I'mprove is the culture of continuous improvement that defines us as people, our lenses and our designs. Here is for you who, like us, are looking to live more and better. Actually, all this started in Barcelona in 2019 being just sunset reflections. After a wonderful crowdfunding campaign (thank you!), those passions of the past are now more than just emotions.


A curious and innovative nature is part of the brand identity. The continuous willingness for technical improvement and curiosity lead NAVYBLUE to be always at the forefront of lenses. Distinction and disruption, both make us go beyond the limits that have traditionally marked the optical industry to explore new technologies, materials and innovations. All our own lenses are manufactured in Spain and are the result of research, added improvements and cooperation with our external partners.


In NAVYBLUE's creative process, the collective imagination has been scrutinised to rescue the shapes, colours and designs from the past: designs that have marked the starting point during periods and then, using current design techniques and materials, give rise to an initial careful collection that breathes a renewed classic air. A final element marks the collection: all our frames are made of quality Italian acetate, a natural material derived from cotton, and have been carefully made by hand.